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Start here. I'll explain the Why.

When I was a senior in high school and was thinking about my future, I knew I wanted to be in a health care field.  A health care field, but not medicine, because I knew there was a better way than traditional medicine. I'm not sure whyI knew there was a better way. I grew up in a very normal, traditional household that used traditional medicine. For example, when I was 7 years old, I was on antibiotics seven times in one year.

During my teen years, I had some health issues. I was a 16 year old with knee pain, and was told by an orthopedist to stop doing my sport.  That was not going to happen. I loved my sport. I was diagnosed with scoliosis. The same orthopedist told me, "Let's just monitor you until it gets worse and then we'll do something."  At 16 years old that sounded like a death sentence.  Bladder infections started when I was a 20 years old. The antibiotics never stopped the bladder infections from returning.   (All those antibiotics did cause other problems later in life, however. More on that on a later date.) At the time, I accepted those dead-end answers, those atrocious medications, those labels. "Oh I have bad knees," I would tell my other 16-year-old athletic friends. "Oh well, Mom has bladder infections so I guess I will," I would tell myself.  It wasn't until I was in my own Chiropractic practice for nearly 5 years that I remembered those problems that I had had (and did not have anymore.) The realization occurred while teaching patients about Chiropractic during a weekly health workshop. I didn't share it out loud at the time, but my mind was blown. I realized that being adjusted while attending Chiropractic school had changed the course of my life personally. I had been a Chiropractic miracle.

Fast forward to today…. After 24 years of providing true health care to 20,000 patients, I have come to one conclusion. You people are lost out there!  You fall prey to believing that drugs are your only option because that is what advertising tells you. Your medical doctor has two tools in his/her tool bag, and those tools are drugs and surgery.  Today, many people like you are choosing  not to take unnecessary drugs, yet this only frustrates both you and your medical doctor. A typical scenario is that you go to an office where you've waited 2 weeks for an appointment, now waited 2 hours in their waiting room, only to be handed a white slip of paper for something that you don't want: pharmaceuticals. You know there is a better way towards health and healing, but you don't know where to look.  Ironically, those resources are often right in your home or neighborhood.

I'm living my life's purpose as a Chiropractor. My job now is to assist you. My purpose is to assist you with physical issues so that you may, in turn, fulfill your own purpose in life. The journey entails me sharing with you all of my wisdom of the years of education, my years on my own health journey, and my desire to see the pharmaceutical stranglehold stop. With my education being that of a wholistic Chiropractor, I have been able to sleuth out the best alternative methods to create healing change in my own body, and share that with you. I will also share the viewpoints of other wholistic and  alternative health care providers. The upcoming topics will seem random at first, but when used consistently will allow me to fulfill my mission: keep you away from Big Pharma and out of the MD's office.

(A word about crisis care: Crisis care is situations where medical doctors and the medical system shine. When your body has lost the ability to change, when you have suffered a severe injury which requires immediate attention, medical care is the route you take. )

I have coined the term, Take Away Health Care™, to encapsulate my mission to put the power and knowledge of yourhealth care back in yourhands.

Using your own hands and your own knowledge on your journey towards health can be money saving.  More importantly, it will build your confidence that you are your own health advocate.

Some topics in  Take Away Health Care™ are cheap, easy, and simple. Others require an outlay of cash for training, or for equipment.  Many of us today have H.S. A. accounts to use, and depending on the rules, may cover the equipment costs. Whatever the cost, the confidence you gain will reward you ten-fold.

Every week I will be uploading a blog post. My hope is that I get feedback. Actually I’m begging for feedback. For instance:

  • What topics interest you most,

  • what is not do-able by you, the lay person, and needs simpler instruction,

  • do you just not care about this topic?

  • What am I not saying that you need to hear?

My mission is to give you knowledge. We are inundated with fear from Big Pharma making us believe that health is only in shape of a prescription bottle. The chemical companies (including food companies) set us up for failure, for chronic painful disease. We must stop the madness. Stop the control of drugs in our lives, whether it is in the food that you think is  ‘healthy’, or the drug that you think that you must take, because you haven’t been told of other options. Antibiotics has created resistant bacterial strains that are so disfiguring and dangerous it is scary. Food additives mess with our moods, and thwart our inborn attraction to real food. Sugar will create the next epidemic of stupidity and dementia. GMO's will send out bodies into a frenzy of attack on our own tissues. It’s a scary world when the attackers are in your own refrigerator and come from industries that have government protection (Big Pharma and chemical companies).

Because most of these topics have been so widely written about, I may or may not mention the research or origination, but will provide links to books or articles that tell that backstory.

Once I post the blog, I will follow with a YouTube video. Most topics benefit from visual  training. Plus, my hope it to create a better connection with you. By creating deeper connections, you will perhaps share more of the problems you face on a regular basis.

Let’s take a journey together. Let’s keep you out of the MD's office. Let’s give you a better way to live and care for your family. Let’s take the control away from Big Pharma.


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