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Not a food item! Warning! Don’t put that in your mouth!

Wake up!  Seriously, you give your kids that to eat? Do you know the ingredients? Can you pronounce what's on the ingredient label? If you can read the words, why don't you have that same ingredient in your kitchen? Do you realize there are additives to make this nonfoodaddictive?  If you accept that fact, can you, for a moment, imagine why the food/chemical companies would want to make it addictive?

Follow this train of thought.  Chemical companies make food additives. Chemical companies make drugs. If you were making chemicals, how would get people to consume more of them? Use a food additive that causes an addiction to that food. In turn, the food additive causes, slowly, a chronic disease. For that chronic disease, create a drug. It's a wonderful, brilliant, lucrative, cycle. And who is the sorry soul that gets to go around and around this cycle with no exit?  You. If you allow it.

Food additives make you sick. Depression, diabetes, coronary disease, irritable bowel disease, chronic inflammation. What commercials do you see on tv for drugs: diabetes, coronary disease, irritable bowel disease, various diseases related to chronic inflammation. No surprise.

Feel free to look at one of the boxes that "food" comes in. The box probably cost more to create, print, design, and fill than the product it contains.  Read the box - the ingredients, the sugar content, how many times a neurotoxin is listed.  (Look for the Neurotoxin topic in a later blog.)

Stopping by McDonald's or Dairy Queen for dinner for the family should be outlawed. That is not real food.

What about real food? What about eggs, meat, vegetables, good fats, dairy?  Get your proteins from an organic source if possible. Find a friend who has chickens for free range eggs. (By the way, chickens aren't ordinarily 'vegetarian'; they eat bugs. This makes me laugh when I see it on the carton. )

Seriously, how much effort does it take to put some chicken parts in the oven with a potato, turn the oven on for an hour, then eat. Put greens in a salad bowl, put some olive oil and balsamic dressing on it. Boom. Done. Trying to avoid carbs? Leave out the potato, double the salad. Done. Costs $10  for a family of four.

Americans are extremely addicted to food additives. You can't even control yourselves. Heck, I can't control myself. If you put one of those bags of Chex mix in from of me, I can't stop eating it. And I don't even like it! I don't like the taste, the texture, anything about it. But once I take one bite, I can't stop. That is by design. That is not an accident. Food companies do that on purpose. You are an addict whether you eat the stuff or not. It's in our neurology. The excitotoxins that are flavor enhancers cause you to crave, consume, and defend your eating habits. You will defend your freezer full of non-food: Eggo's, hot pockets, pizza rolls. You will defend your cereal which is full of GMO wheat products, excitotoxins, food coloring, and sugar. Yet you'll say, "Oh, I'm a vegetarian because I don't like to think about a cow dying." Stop it! Youare dying! You are creating in your own body, and your kid's bodies, chemical consuming machines that  you have no control over.  And, your body will revolt. It will revolt with sinus problems, depression, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Hashimoto's, heart disease, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, anxiety, joint inflammation and pain, irritable  bowel disease, and many more. Fun. Fun. Fun.

By feeding your family non-food you are setting them up for a lifetime of health issues. Conventionally, you treat those health issues with drugs: insulin, Prozac, thyroxin, statin drugs, Boniva.  I'm not saying that's a good option. I'm saying that once you are on the chemical destruction train, it barrels down the tracks to more and more drugs. So you destroy your body with food chemicals, and the pharmaceutical chemicals completely destroy your health with side effects.

How about this: Make organic beef burgers in a pan, melt on it a chunk of aged cheddar (not processed), add a bacon strip and a heap of spinach on top. Voila. A family of four eats for $10. No carbs. Ten minutes to create.

But you say, "The FDA wouldn't allow anything on the market that would hurt us, though, right?" Grow up. More than half of the people that approve food and drugs for market have a monetary interest on if that drug or food is approved. That ought to be illegal. But it's not. And who gets harmed? We do. Don’t expect the FDA to protect you. You must be your own advocate. No will do this for you.

How about this: poach some of those free range eggs you got from a neighbor, put them over some broccoli spears you steamed in the microwave. Whisk up a squeeze of lemon and some organic butter, pour over the top. Yum. Even give yourself a side of bacon. That's the 2 pounds of organic bacon that you cooked up last Sunday and put in the freezer for times like this.  Easy. Pay attention to what's important.

And here's the important stuff: The health of your body, the health of your brain, staying off of dangerous drugs, and not getting a chronic illness. If you get a chronic illness, like arthritic joint disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel disease, and then follow it with drug therapy, the chemical companies have won. They have you right where they want you. Taking more and more chemicals. They have no regard for your quality of life. Only controlling your life.

You and I are on journey together. I am committed to putting the power and knowledge of your health back in your hands. We are standing up to the stranglehold that chemical companies, including Big Pharma, have had on us. Whether you are protecting your good health, or dealing with a chronic health issue, there is a world of options for health and healing.  Start by choosing real food and not playing into the food chemical addiction merry-go-round.


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