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My Journey

Dr. Nancy Trimboli is a health expert and chiropractor with over 25 years of experience. She has taken the lessons she learned from her father, an Episcopalian priest, and from earning a black belt in Taekwondo and used those as the foundation for her compassionate care of patients and for the
hard work and dedication necessary to build a thriving business.
    While in the heyday of her practice, Dr. Nancy created a multi-location, multi-doctor business with over 40 employees and she personally worked with up to 150 individual patients per day. This has allowed her to master the art of taking complex health issues and breaking them down into a concise and easy to comprehend manner. Dr. Nancy has facilitated over 800 workshops at her office. She shares her knowledge through platforms such as
her YouTube channel (which currently has over 100 videos), Facebook live videos, and Stealth Health: Take Back Your Power and Unravel the Mystery of You, her first adult book. Her first children’s book, Little Squirrel Girl, is a true story of a baby squirrel who needed a chiropractic adjustment and watched sunsets.

In her free time, Dr. Nancy enjoys doing active things, like competitive equestrian training and competing in Dressage, yoga, swimming, cooking, and gardening and walking her rescue pup, Brooklyn. 


In 2006, Dr. Nancy was interviewed for the Superstar Chiropractic Leader series by Whitehall Management. She won the Munster Citizen of the Year award of 2011.  In 2013, she was featured in BusINess Indiana magazine as a Professional to Watch. Her practice has won #1 in the Best of the Region contest by The Times Newspaper for the last six years.

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